Ari Roma Novi Star

Ari Roma was introduced on June 17, 2012. She’s pretty excited about Earth:ari-roma-novi-star

“Ari Roma here! So far we’ve checked out a movie theatre, rode in something called a taxi and ate round food you guys call donuts. This place is awesome!”

This is Ari‘s Bio:

Age: 3000 Eons

Mission: To kiss an Earth boy!

Cosmic Quirk: I’m an airhead…literally!

Personality: Bubbly & Caring

Pet: O2

Fashion Style: Light, Airy & Romantic

Fave Earth Food: Red and yellow triangle food. I think Earth girls call it pizza.

Fave Activity: Curling my hair with my “magic wand’ (aka curling iron)!

Want to Learn: How to breathe Earth air so I can get this bubble off my head.

I Don’t Get: Hats